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Life is Moving Forward

But you feel stuck. Uninspired. You feel like a big soul living small.  

On the outside, your life looks amazing. 

You care for your family, build your career, participate in your community and social circles. 

On the inside, something is off.

In the midst of your accomplishments, you somehow left your deepest needs out of the equation. You feel out of sync, depleted, and unsure of who is the real you. 

You may be carrying some extra weight, are less flexible than you once were, or have pain in your joints. You don't sleep well, and your energy is low. You may feel depressed or anxious about where life is headed. You want to stop mindlessly eating unhealthy food.

It feels overwhelming and difficult to change

You feel like you're disconnected from your biggest dreams and your deepest desires. You may have lost the confidence you need to get yourself back on track. 

I can write those words, because they once described my life. Before I began to understand true self-acceptance and practice deep self-care I did not have the capacity to live my life fully, vibrantly, and with purpose. My body, mind, and spirit were hurting. My work suffered, relationships were struggling, and I felt lost and confused.

And then I found a system of lifestyle habits that enabled me to change my life. I learned to really love myself. I embraced a growth mindset and committed to life-long personal evolution.

Now, my job is to be the Self-Care Catalyst you need to help YOU create the time and energy you need stay focused, energized, and resilient every day.

I support women who are ready to commit to deep self-care. I help them adopt lifestyle habits from Yoga and Ayurveda. I teach them HOW to change their habits, so they become skilled at making habit changes that stick. 


“Before I began to understand true self-acceptance…

and practice deep self-care, I did not have the capacity to live my life fully, vibrantly, and with purpose."

— Kirstin Pinit


I've always been a seeker and gravitate toward all kinds "self improvement" - classes, diets, books, you name it. I've spent many years and lots of money working to finding my purpose and learning to love my body, to embrace my quirks and celebrate my unique gifts. I made strides along the way, but I was spinning my wheels.

The year I committed to my own self discovery through yoga and meditation was the year everything changed. I chose ME for the first time. I changed my career and started learning and practicing the daily habits of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Simple habits. Small steps. Accountability and support. These were the catalysts that changed my life.

I shifted from running my life on autopilot to making clear and thoughtful choices about how I spend my time, what I choose to put in my body, and who I share my life with. 

I transformed from an exhausted, workaholic career woman, wife, and mother, into a person who is more grounded, playful, and purposeful than ever before. I eliminated the constant nagging lower back and hip pain that made me feel weak and broken. I exchanged stress for ease and I established self-care routines that are top priority for me and my family. I deepened my relationships and cultivated new friendships that nurture me and help me keep growing to be the person I want to be. 

It took time to make this shift. Along the way I learned to cooperate with time - allow her to move me, shape me, and sometimes to wear me down until I finally “got it.” Now I KNOW how to keep making progress in every important area of my life.

I have studied, learned and live a system of lifestyle habits that transformed my life, and have given me the skills to continue to improve and evolve into who I want to become next. The life I live now feels amazing. Even on a “bad day” I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Because I live it, I can teach it. I can help you get where you want to go by taking small but powerful steps that are guaranteed to change your life. 

Thank you for reading my story.

Now, I would love to hear YOUR story. Tell me what is going on in your life. I'll listen with care and compassion. If you're ready for a life transformation, we can talk about my coaching programs and other offerings that can support your growth.

Email me at, or you can schedule time for us to talk.

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“Along the way…

I learned to cooperate with time - allow her to move me, shape me, and sometimes to wear me down until I finally “got it.”

— Kirstin Pinit


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