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Hi. I’m Kirstin Pinit, your Self-Care Catalyst. I can help you learn to love and accept yourself more deeply than ever before. When you automate lifestyle habits from ancient healing wisdom and modern science, you’ll free up time and energy to live your most vibrant, meaningful life.


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I am more intentional. My self-care habits are becoming non-negotiable. I cherish the quiet solo rituals I have created, and the time with like-minded women.

~ Michelle L.



You have just one life. Make it sacred.

I believe that life is more interesting when we find meaning in small moments and go about our daily work and routines with great love and reverence. When we live this way, we experience vibrancy in mind, body, and spirit. Daily activities become sensuous and nourishing. Relationships become more juicy. And wonder and delight are always near.

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I’m an artist and coach who can help you live and love your life more fully than ever before. My work is a combination of coaching and artistic collaboration designed to honor who you are today and support you in becoming who you want to be next.


self-care coaching & workshops

My coaching programs are based on lifestyle habits from Yoga and Ayurveda - ancient healing traditions that promote wellness in body, mind, and spirit. We learn and practice simple daily habits in a supportive community using the latest research on habit-change, mindfulness techniques, and body-centered practices.

I currently offer a year-long self-care immersion with my coaching partner, Lael Petersen, LCSW, YHC called Vibrant Body / Wise Mind.

Custom & limited edition jewelry

One of my gifts is helping people commemorate and honor their life, love, change, and growth with deeply meaningful and totally wearable art. I create custom design collaborations and limited edition collections inspired by everyday moments and life's grand transitions and milestones.

I draw inspiration from plants and animals, shapes, colors, memories and experiences from my clients’ lives and my own experiences to create unique and eye-catching designs.