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Hi! I'm Kirstin - artist, coach, and lover of ancient wisdom and modern science. I'm walking the path toward a joyful, sensual, creative life, and can't wait to be your guide.
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We are in this together.
We are all human. We all want to thrive. We live in sync with nature - or not - and the body, mind, and spirit respond accordingly. 
I don't know anyone who does not want to improve some aspect of their well-being. Maybe you are recovering from an injury or illness, or managing a chronic condition. Maybe you are trying to change your sleep or eating habits so you feel more energized and awake. Maybe you have already made huge leaps in your physical or mental health, and you want to go even deeper into the routines and rituals that make life a vibrant and joyful journey. Here are words from people like you to remind you that you are not alone. 
  • I don't have nearly as much energy as I use to have, my body aches more than it should, and I am overweight. 
  • I have a desire to allow more exercise/movement into my life, but instead of a forceful need, it's more of a gentle, "Let's do this to feel lean and strong." I have walks I want to take well into "old age" and I want to make choices now that bring that into reality.
  • Mental and emotional well-being gets overlooked most of the time. This is a HUGE concern. Probably the biggest. I need to be focused more on that for my family and myself. 
  • My biggest concern is worrying about how I would pay for a major health issue and how I would provide for my family if I got sick.
Find out how you can join a community of thrive-seekers supporting each other toward vibrant health and longevity. 
You can achieve vibrant health with small habit changes.
Here's how...
Articles & Resources 

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I use the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda, cutting-edge habit change science, body-centered practices, and creative expression to support my clients' healthy habit change and lasting vibrant energy. 

I'm excited to share some great resources with you. Stay tuned! 
Make The Shift to Wellness
When you're ready for change, we are here to support you in becoming the next best version of yourself. Come together with other thrive-seeking people who are achieving vibrant health and longevity in a supportive, safe, and fun way. We take small steps to lasting change. 

I lead a dynamic group, learning together and practicing how to: 
  •  Automate habits for better energy, sleep, digestion, and mental clarity
  •  Reduce stress, move your body with greater ease, and feel a deeper connection to yourself and your loved ones
  •  Live in sync with nature's rhythms, update old patterns and beliefs, and cultivate self-love that will help you thrive in all stages of life
Private Coaching & Custom Programs
We can work 1:1 to get your healthy habits on track. I'll help you figure out your WHAT and WHY, and will give you the support you need to face the inner critic, evolve your identity, and take responsibility for your amazing results. 

I also work with companies that want to improve morale and productivity by helping their people reduce stress, eat and sleep better, and feel more connected to their purpose and their team. 
Want to know a little about me? 
Thanks for asking!
I am a woman in her forties. I am an artist. A wife, and mom of two boys.

The last decade or so of my working life was devoted to helping people adopt energy conservation and efficiency behaviors in their homes and workplaces. It was also devoted to climbing a corporate ladder and learning to lead people and teams to achieve their goals. 

All of the decades of my adult life have been devoted in one way or another to becoming a grown-up and taking responsibility for my choices and their results, finding my purpose (dharma), and learning to love the parts of me that feel unloveable and broken: the shape and size of various body parts, my need to create and serve, and my worthiness to be exactly who I am. 

Gathering all these life experiences, abilities and gifts, I am now embracing my artistic spirit. I am training to be a massage therapist and yoga health coach. I am offering all of these things to continue my personal evolution and help others. I use the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda, cutting-edge habit change science, creative expression, and body-centered practices to improve energy, sleep, digestion, and mental clarity. 

I believe that life is more interesting when we seek and find meaning in small moments and go about our daily work and routines with great love and deep reverence. When we live this way, we experience vibrancy in mind, body, and spirit. Daily activities become sensuous and nourishing, relationships become more juicy, and the world is full of wonder and delight. 
Take the next simple step toward vibrant health.
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